Back of the net!

Daniel, from E20 Football Foundation, talks about coaching and how it's helping him develop his career.

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Daniel is one of the coaches at E20 Football he is on YouTube telling everyone how it went down...

How did you get into football coaching?
I became an E20 football coach when I volunteered to help out at a football tournament they played in.

How did you hear about E20?
I heard about E20 because they're a local team; I was just walking through the park one day and I saw them training, so I decided to make a few inquiries.

What's your favourite thing about E20?
My favourite thing is seeing the players develop from the beginning to where they are now and watching them grasp the different opportunities given to them.

Are you still in education and coaching at the same time?
I'm currently studying Sports Science at college, this allows me to help the players develop when they're playing football.

What about in the future?
In the future I want to go to Uni to study Sports Therapy, which I want to do as it's going to help me understand how to help other people with their progression in sports.

What about after Uni?
After Uni I'd like to become Sports Therapist for a private team, this will help me develop my experience gained in different places of work.