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Got a degree in maths but really want to be a model? Spent 5 years in retail but now want to retrain? A complete 360 on your career path is not as scary as it seems. Steve did it and never looked back.

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North Vs South

Steve Duttine, Founder of TribeFirst, spent 10 years working as a professional photographer in London, but when a fire tragically burnt down his parents’ Industrial Property business in Leeds his true flair for business came to life.

Chalk Vs Cheese

Prior to the fire, Steve had been putting on his suit on a weekend, zipping up to Leeds, and was doing weekend Consultancy work at his parents’ business. He was building up a CV of photography work alongside consultancy….and it just didn’t look right.

Photography Vs Consultancy

After the fire, there was A LOT to do to rebuild the business. Steve ended up working on lease negotiations and investments, not only did he really enjoy it but he realised that business was what he excelled in...but what next? 


Steve went to see a careers advisor and with business on his mind successfully applied for an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) in the Cass Business School in London. The course itself took him all over the world from the U.S to the Middle East and he has never looked back.


With TribeFirst now thriving in the UK, Steve has his eye on our friends across the pond..

‘We’ve had a toe in the US market for a while but I see that as a big potential growth area where we might set up an office if work becomes more regular’