How to prepare for an interview now you won’t have to leave your own house

One of the toughest things people find about applying for jobs is the interview process.

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This is made more complicated by the fact you are probably not doing anything in person for the foreseeable future.  It’s often worked up so much in your head that when it comes to the day you aren’t thinking clearly and don’t give off the best impression. Here are some simple things you can do in the days leading up to your interview that will give you a fighting chance of landing that dream role.

Research the company

More often than not, one of the first things your interviewer will ask is what you know about their company. If you have no response, they will assume you aren’t invested in your work and are just desperate to be paid. Spending a few minutes the day before googling who the company are and what they do will not only fix this issue but also gives you an insight into what working for the company will be like.

Use your experience

Every role you apply for will require you to give examples of times you have used certain skills to progress or to get you out of a difficult situation. Thinking beforehand of times you have used teamwork and dealt with an angry customer will stop you from fumbling over your words and sitting in silence as you wrack your brains for an idea. This works for both overall skills and those that are relevant to the role you’re applying for. These skills are often ideal to put on your CV and will attract more employers.

Get a good night’s sleep

People often forget how vital a good night’s sleep is to your health. If you stay up late stressing over your interview it will only make you look tired and unmotivated to your employer. You will also struggle to think clearly when you’re tired, which will impact your ability to respond to questions correctly.

Overall, taking the time to look the part and having information under your belt is the best way to prepare for your interview. Especially during this new normal, having a productive approach to work is sure to impress your employer.

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