Inside word: life at NextUp

Take a look inside life as a growth assistant at NextUp

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Working in growth can be a tough but rewarding job. You'll regularly be tasked with coming up with innovative solutions and finding quick ways to problem solve. We sat down with Jay, a growth assistant at NextUp Comedy, to talk about communications, project management and learning curves.

What does your role involve?
It’s a pretty unique mix of organisation, internal communications, and creative thinking. I have a hand in project managing and coordinating growth initiatives from conception to completion. Because these initiatives vary so much in scope, size and content, no day is ever really the same; in a day I might organise a kickoff meeting for a new engagement initiative, spend time coordinating workflows with external partners, create a goal line for an acquisition initiative, and then dive into quantifying growth models. 

How did you get the job at NextUp?
I sent my CV to the Co-Founder on Twitter. Seriously. Sarah tweeted that she was looking for someone who was organised, tech-savvy, and had marketing experience, and I saw several people recommending the company so I did some research. I usually work in the West End and my theatre had been closed since March. I’d been running a call centre in the meantime and was on the hunt for another admin or customer service job to tide me over. I very quickly knew it was far more exciting a prospect than anything else I had on the horizon. I was nervous about applying but I was really excited so I went for it. 

What key things have you learnt throughout your work?
Way more than I could write down here! Growth was an area of marketing that was very new to me, I think I’d only heard the term “growth hacker” for the first time maybe two months prior, and I’m really grateful to have learnt about it first-hand and also make a mark on how growth works in the company. 

Something else is that I’ve only ever worked at large, trans-national companies before and while there are aspects of that I do like, it’s been great to learn about how a small but passionate start-up operates; even in the few months I’ve been here I’ve seen some massive changes, always led by innovation. 

What do you enjoy about your job? 
Well, I was originally meant to work for two months and that was over three months ago, so that should be some indication! I’ve enjoyed it so much so far and I’m really excited about everything I have yet to do. Every single person is both highly-skilled and very passionate about their job so there’s never a meeting or project that drags. Plus the Thursday night Zoom drinks with occasional special guests in the form of farm animals are a laugh!

The product is amazing, the people are incredible, the work is exciting. What more could you want?

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