Inside word: Life at Circl

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What made you want to do an internship?

You can never gain enough experience and the best experiences come from internships because you get to do a bit of everything!

You get to see and experience the different roles that people play in companies and see working life from different perspectives. Internships want you to leave knowing more than you came with, and this is most likely the outcome.

Also whether it be public speaking, giving presentations or simply suggesting new ideas, internships help to build confidence which allows individuals to grow as both an effective team member and as a person.

How was it starting at a new company with no experience in Leadership or training?

Something I’ve learned throughout my limited years in the professional environment, is the importance of challenging yourself and working outside of your comfort zone.

Without continually stretching yourself to learn new skills, refine existing ones and gain both tangible and intangible experience, limits one from fully developing themselves and becoming the best versions of them.

Having done the Circl leadership programme, I was able to pick up skills that were both invaluable to me and applicable in all areas of my life (inc. professional and personal). It set me up with the right mindset and attitude to leadership, which I hope I have and continue to demonstrate at Circl and elsewhere.

What have you learnt during your internship?

Where do I start!? Working in a startup means you get to learn a lot about how companies work. Whether it’s overhearing design debates at the next table or chatting with the CEO over lunch, being part of a small team means that you’ll naturally be around every part of the company, and most startups actively ensure that everyone stays in the loop.

Importantly, I’ve learnt how to deal with clients, work on company strategy and set up processes & best practises that will set the company up for long-term success.

Do you have a better idea now of where you'd like to be in the future with your career?

I think its important for individuals to experience working in open and inclusive company like Circl. I’ve been fortunate in this regard, because not many get to enjoy working with such an incredible team that embraces individuality and appreciates the ideas everyone (from interns to senior execs) brings to the table.

A culture like this empowers individuals by giving them responsibilities and ownership of complex and interesting challenges companies face. Having gone through this experience, I have realised that such a culture is indeed possible, and one should indeed strive to either recreate such an environment within their own workspace or find one in their careers.

What's your ultimate dream job?

Circl is definitely an organisation that I would love to work with in the long run, there is definitely so much room to grow, learn and develop. The work they do is so meaningful, working with young, underrepresented adults such as myself is very much rewarding.

The team and culture they exude permits me to be the best version of myself, which is the only thing anyone could really ask for.

My ultimate dream job would indeed be one where I could continue working in an environment and culture like Circl’s but also get a chance to dabble in the latest technologies. My background is in IT and business, so working with cutting edge technologies and using it to better the lives of individuals would very much be a dream job.