Inside word: life at Delic

Find out what an internship is like at music tech company Delic

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We spoke to Marta who is currently balancing study with an internship at Delic. She told us how it's going so far...

What made you want an internship?

I have always been passionate about music, that is the reason why I saved money to move to London and attend university here, as in Spain there are no courses focused on the industry as a whole. I am aware that the best way to get started in the industry is through an internship, also I look up to people that I admire in this field and they followed that path. I graduated in June of 2020, a challenging time to start a career, two months after I was starting an internship with Delic, which has been an intensive Music Business course where I keep learning and acquiring new skills every day.


How was it coming into a new company with no experience in Music Technology?

I was aware of the challenge I was getting into, but I enjoy learning new things and have experience in the technology field, so I didn’t hesitate when making the decision. I also play music in my free time and have learned myself how to use different software to produce. I’m still a beginner but I enjoy it very much. Starting this experience was a bit intimidating at first, but I started to discover and interact with the platform and get to know its features. I also spent time having conversations and sharing experiences with other colleagues and members, and it made the process easier. The team always taken the time to guide me through if things get a bit tricky.


What have you learned during your internship?

I have learned many things. I have always heard that communication is key, but I have had the opportunity to understand how the different teams need to update each other actively to make the operation run smoothly. Also: how attention to detail and good research make the difference to achieve the user satisfaction. I enjoy observing and listening to the different team members; they all have a different skillset and are really talented.


How's it been so far?

It’s been great so far. I have the chance to work in an organisation that cares about their members and is working on developing the best experience for them. It can be stressful at times, but we work as a team and help each other when needed. I am currently studying an MA in Digital Media Management and I am able to experience the synergies between what I’m being taught at university and what I do at work with Delic on a daily basis.