Inside word: Life at FORME

We had a quick chat with Andrei about going from start up intern to a full-time role

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How did you end up getting a role at FORME?

I got the role at FORME by applying to a job posting that was sent out by the University of Hull's careers department. I went through for an interview via Zoom with the two founders and few days after got the role.

What did you learn and was there anything that surprised you about working at a start-up company?

That was my first internship experience with a start up. I learnt a new platform (Shopify) that allowed me to deliver an e-commerce web application for FORME. I was surprised at how those guys managed to get their start up running in such a short period of time and looking back now I am extremely proud to have been part of it.

What was your favourite part about the internship?

My favourite part about the internship was being part of something totally new. The team were open to new suggestions as to how the e-commerce site should look and function which enabled me to learn a new platform and implement it for a new product.

What are you doing now and how did FORME help you get there?

I am a software developer at a large software developing company. My experience with FORME has helped me to get experience in this sector that immediately opened the door for me to get into my current role, and I'm sure many more doors in the future.