Inside word: Life at NICE

Discover what it’s like doing a temp sales role at NICE

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Ella takes us through life in a temporary sales role at NICE. Find out about jumping into sales feet first, welcome surprises along the way and what makes working at Nice so, well...NICE! 

How did you get the temp role at NICE?
I had just graduated from university studying nutrition and was initially looking for a role within the health sector. But there were limited opportunities in the midst of the pandemic so I decided to broaden my search and explore other potential career paths. This is when I came across NICE and found that they were advertising for a part-time sales role. I sent over my CV and cover letter and then got asked for a couple of phone interviews with one of the Co-founders. I was offered the job and then I got started only a few weeks after!

Was it nerve-wracking going into a role with no prior sales experience?
Starting out with no prior sales experience was quite daunting and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It meant that there was a lot to learn but NICE are very passionate about training and up-skilling you as an individual. I was given a full day of one-on-one training that was really useful to understand what was expected of me and to ensure I had the correct skills to communicate effectively with both current and new businesses. The training day was crucial to lay down the groundwork for me to be able to feel confident in not only how to win new business, but also how to handle rejection. The day also included a full introduction into the business and how NICE was founded. This was really useful to help understand the company’s culture and vision and subsequently how I was going to be able to help NICE expand. Which really helped add value to my role and feel welcome as a new employee.

What did you learn and was there anything that surprised you?
I really learnt a lot during my time with NICE as each day was different, due to dealing with such a range of different customers each day. This meant I was able to form strong customer services skills, building on both my verbal and written communication, invaluable skills to take forward into any future roles. NICE is also a very transparent business which meant I was also able to learn not only about sales but within other areas of the business too, such as the finance side of things and marketing, which I didn’t originally expect to learn going into the role.

What was your favourite thing about working at NICE?
I really enjoyed my time working with NICE and I was able to learn so much about what goes into creating a successful startup. One of my favourite things about working with NICE though was how quickly I felt like a true team member. It was an odd time having to start a new role working from home, but even so, I felt very welcome and supported throughout. This meant that I never felt uncomfortable to ask for help or if I was unsure of things, which I think was paramount in me being able to learn as much as I could during my time at NICE. Equally, I was also given a lot of freedom to get on with things on my own so it was nice to know the team felt confident in my abilities. It could be challenging at times, having to think on your feet and use your own initiative when speaking directly to someone on the phone, but nonetheless, highly rewarding when your hard work resulted in making a sale!