Inside word: life at Plumm

Find out why Lucky chose to do an internship at Plumm

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Lucky's family made the decision to move from Bulgaria to the UK, and he is currently working as an intern at Plum alongside studying psychology at uni.

What made you want an internship?

My parents' dream in coming to the UK from Bulgaria was to get me and my siblings a great education. My goal was to go into the career I want to and live a better life. It wasn't an easy journey through secondary school and sixth-form, but eventually, through hard work and commitment, I got into the university I wanted: University of Warwick, and am studying what I wanted to: Psychology. I have always been curious and have asked deep intellectual questions, especially about the human mind and behaviour, and the university has allowed me to do that.

However, at the beginning of my second year in 2019, I realised I wanted to take a year out to apply and develop my skills in the real world. At this point, I had the idea of getting experience in the field of Psychotherapy. I later changed my mind and decided to opt for the business and consumer side of Psychology - although my passion for mental health remained.

I took a year out in my third year at university. In 2019-2020, I applied to take half a year at a work placement and half a year to study at an institution abroad. I was very excited about the prospect of this since I would be able to work, travel, and study simultaneously. 

I got into UCLA with Psychology, and I was absolutely thrilled. During summer of 2020, I also had the amazing opportunity to secure a place to work at Plumm. My dreams had come true! Everything was great; I had a work placement secured and a study abroad placement at my dream university. But then the pandemic started. 

Long story short, unfortunately, my study abroad program at UCLA was cancelled due to the pandemic. I was quite upset and unmotivated for a while but I knew I had to accept the reality and move on.

I had the option to either continue my placement with Plumm for a whole year or go back to university. So I decided to continue my internship - as I planned to get real world experience and discover what I wanted to do. 

That’s what I did and here I am now around - 7 months into my internship. I am extremely happy with the decision I took and the experience I am getting out of it.

How was it joining a new company in your role within their Operations department?

Joining a new company, especially fresh out of university, was very exciting but also kind of scary initially. Before joining Plumm, I’d had some basic work experience that included management consulting, research, operations, bartending and waiting tables.

However, this was going to be my first proper long-term corporate experience - working for a start-up of the scale of Plumm. I was extremely eager to apply all my skills and knowledge in my role within the Operations department, including other roles that I have since been involved in including Marketing, Data Analysis and Business Development. I was also very passionate because of the company's mission to help make mental health affordable and accessible to all.

As with any new beginning, it was obviously slightly challenging initially as I was settling in and getting accustomed to my new role's responsibilities and requirements. But the whole team at Plumm has always been 100% supportive, welcoming and friendly, for which I am extremely grateful.

One of the great things about my experience is that I am able to explore different areas (departments) and roles. At Plumm, they will support you with your own personal goals and help learn and grow in the areas you want as well. 

I look forward to the next few months in my role at this.

What have you learned during your internship?

Wow! There's just been so much learning and growing going on in the past couple of months...I don't know where to start!

I’d say soft skills such as planning, time management, communication and negotiation skills, being productive and managing under stressful situations in a fast-paced start-up environment. I have also been able to develop my business acumen, marketing, sales, data analysis and presentation skills. Even more so I have been able to apply psychology and behavioural science into many areas of the business such as marketing, UX/UI design, operations and many more. 

Above all, I have been able to learn more about mental health and therapies through my research and work at Plumm. 

I would definitely encourage any students out there to take some time to work out what they want, but to definitely just go out there, apply and get some work experience. Because at the end of the day, you won't know till you try. You need to start somewhere. So take that first step… you won't regret it!

How has your journey with Plumm been so far?

It has been absolutely amazing doing the work I enjoy with a team who are incredibly supportive and unparalleled in their work ethic and commitment to our common mission.

It's great to work with people who love what they do and are continually growing and are open to new challenges. It has been a fantastic journey for me so far and I am excited about what the future holds for Plumm and my contributions towards it.