Inside word: life at The Duppy Share

Discover what Issy has learnt from her time with The Duppy Share

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Hi! I'm Issy, I recently completed an internship at The Duppy Share and afterwards I got a full time role as an Ops Manager, despite the pandemic!

What made you want to join Duppy?

Having just graduated university studying Business Management, the opportunity to start my career working in London very much appealed to me. I had gathered small bits of work experience along the way but hadn’t quite figured out what to do yet. The varied nature of the job role at The Duppy Share meant that I would be able to experience different aspects of a growing business, allowing me to grow my knowledge and figure out which areas of business I would like to specialise in. The start-up world also appealed tome more than a corporate job or a graduate training course as I would be able to really impact the business on a day-to-day level, rather than climbing the corporate ladder. Plus, the Caribbean nature of the brand appealed to me as I have roots in the Caribbean and had worked for Turtle Bay, a Caribbean restaurant chain, in the past. All this combined made the decision to start with The Duppy Share all the more enticing.


How was it coming into a new company with no experience in the spirits world?

My time at Turtle Bay made me understand rum in a very general sense – the culture, the cocktails, and the importance of the Caribbean within it – so I felt relatively prepared coming in to the job. However, during my time here, I’ve learnt a lot more about the distillation process, and the ageing process, and have refined my palate to a point where I can now really appreciate different types of rum. The varied nature of my role also allowed me to understand a lot more about the business side of the Spirits industry – how rum is exported, how it’s sold, and where it’s sold. There’s been a lot of learning on the job, but it’s been great at keeping me engaged and motivated to learn more!


What have you learned during your time at Duppy?

Lots of different things! With my role and the fluid nature of the business, I’ve learnt about anything and everything – from the nitty gritty of the spirits business, to how teams interact with each other. Working so closely with everyone in the business has allowed me to deepen my understanding of how an effective team operates, something that I’ll be sure to remember as my career goes on. Learning how I work as an individual has also been a big part of my time at Duppy – how I interact with a team, and how I manage my time, and what I’m interested in for my future development.


How’s it been so far?

Starting a new job in a pandemic is always slightly complicated! But it’s been a great journey so far, learning on the job and developing new skills. I’m very excited to take those skills forward once everything opens up!