Inside word: life at The Wellbeing Agency

Find out what it’s like doing a marketing internship at a wellness startup

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Find out what Marketing intern, Ella had to say about her experience working for The Wellbeing Agency.

How did you hear about The Wellbeing Agency and what appealed to you about the company?
I came across The Wellbeing Agency on LinkedIn, I studied Psychology at Uni so I was already really interested in wellbeing but especially well being in the workplace, so it seemed like the perfect place to start and to get some marketing experience on my CV. I reached out to Tilly who was really encouraging and supportive and after a quick chat on the phone I started work the next week!

What did your role involve?
As a Marketing intern my role involved boosting The Wellbeing Agency LinkedIn page and posting regular content each week. The content was really fun and varied from recipes, to life hacks and yoga poses; essentially content that would keep The Wellbeing Agency community engaged. I also reached out to new clients and did some research on finding the best companies who would gain from being part of this growing business.

Was it challenging to complete an internship in the middle of a global pandemic?!
The entire time Tilly was so helpful and supportive, I could call her at any time with any problems or questions. No question was silly or too small to answer! We also had a Zoom catch-up every Friday where we could talk about anything I didn't fully understand but also to discuss what else I wanted to learn during my time with the company.

How did you feel by the end of the Internship?
I learnt so much. I think it's an amazing company with a really important mission, not to mention a great boss! I would really recommend working for The Wellbeing Agency as you will have such a great experience!