Inside word: life at Toolkit

Find out how an apprenticeship opened up a world of opportunity

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Meet Will: an apprentice at Toolkit Web Design who swerved uni to join the company and learn on the job.

What made you want an apprenticeship?

Throughout school and college I was directed to go to university. It felt like there was a stigma around university; you go to university and succeed or you are not going to progress into the career that you aim for. Revising and sitting tests was not my strong point or an aim during this time, or at any point after college! I wanted to get stuck in and get the experience needed to develop my career.

I was never enticed by university so I spoke with close family friends who had knowledge into apprenticeships and it opened a door to me that I never knew was an opportunity as apprenticeships were rarely mentioned whilst I was at school.

I would much rather build up my passion and career with experience over grades, as in my opinion employers are more interested in an individual with experience rather than an individual with a grade but no experience.

How was it starting in a new company with no experience in web design?

On the first day I was full of excitement, but I was also not too sure as to what I was going to expect from working at Toolkit. I had no experience in a website design company prior to getting my apprenticeship, or any experience in designing websites or coding.

I have been able to maintain my interest both into my apprenticeship and into the industry that I work in. There was lots to learn and get a grip of. However, before I knew it, I was understanding the processes and skills needed to perform my role very well. Every day is an opportunity to learn more about web design and the services which we offer. It is also a blessing to work with a great team who are very knowledgeable in their field of work.

What have you learned during your apprenticeship?

I have learned a lot during my apprenticeship, from great customer services skills to understanding the technical side of a website design company. I have experienced a variety of situations from our clients and it has built my skill set up to a level that I didn’t know I could achieve.

How's it been so far?

It’s been great so far! The work can be very enjoyable, but stressful at times. However, all of this builds up to be highly rewarding in the long run!

It is also a great feeling to work in an organisation that can offer great customer service, as being on our Support Team has shown me. A great sense of achievement can be gained from assisting our clients, which is also a great bonus!