Inside word: life at Utility Hive

Find out what it’s like doing a HR apprenticeship at Utility Hive

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We had a chat with Ellie, who is balancing her role as Office Assistant at Utility Hive alongside her apprenticeship in HR.

What made you want an apprenticeship and how did you get the one at Utility Hive?

At first an apprenticeship never really interested me. Once I left college, I began looking for a job to earn a little income. This is where I found the office assistant job here, at Utility Hive. At my interview I stated that, if I got the job, I would like to try every opportunity possible so I would have a wide range of experience. Once I started, a HR Apprenticeship opportunity was given to me and I decided this is something I will be interested in. I was told that my dedication and work ethic were the reasons I was chosen to be presented with this opportunity.

How was it coming into a new company with no prior experience in an office?

The night before I was due to start my job at Utility Hive, I felt very nervous. I was unsure on how to act, how to dress or how to fit into an office environment. However, from the first day I felt welcomed and comfortable.

What have you learnt during your time at Utility Hive?

During the short time I have been at Utility Hive I have learnt how to create forms and checklists, how to handle legal documents such as editing contracts, the company policies and how to create letters for staff. As well as this, Utility Hive has taught me skills such as independence. It is my duty to open up the office in the morning and the staff rely on me to be here when they arrive. I am improving my communication and confidence whilst working here which is a great benefit for anyone.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

I would strongly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who prefers to learn as they work instead of sitting in a classroom all day. It allows you to gain experience and earn an income whilst being taught.