Introducing the Mayamiko Trust

The company’s social justice off-shoot explained

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Mayamiko wear many hats. Not only do they have their label, as well as a storytelling platform, they are also home to the Mayamiko trust. A skills-building and training platform to educate and empower women across Africa. Learn more about the Mayamiko Trust below. 

The Mayamiko trust provides skills, training and education to women in order to help them to thrive. The company understand that in order to support communities that face economic and social challenges is to encourage them to build on the talents they already have. 

The philosophy behind the trust is ‘trade not aid’ and the trust prides itself on facilitating creative opportunities, in the forms of education, access to finance, and access to tools. They have a core set of services that are delivered directly with a focus on impact growth and sharing much-needed resources.  They even have a ‘fashion lab’ where people can design and make their own clothes and learn to sew, and classes on feminine health. 

You can learn more about the Mayamiko trust here.