Olive you!

It's a staple for Olly's... let's find out more...

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Did you know olives are technically classed as a fruit?! Us neither...here's a few more facts about the humble olive.

Green vs Black olives

There is actually no such thing as green or black olive trees, the colour of the olive is actually determined by its ripeness. Green olives are ripened and harvested in September/October. Olives are turned black over time and picked in November/December.


Planting trees

Some olive trees are grown from seeds, but most of them are grown from cuttings. They live for several centuries if they are maintained and looked after properly. One of the oldest olive trees is around 2000 years old.


Types of olives

There are hundreds of different types of olives and they range from different sizes, textures and flavours. This all depends on their genetics, region they planted in and climate they are growing in.


Process of harvesting

The harvesting of olives plays a very key role in the olive’s flavour and quality it has. The best olive growers use the traditional method of picking olives by hand. However, others use machines or sticks to shake the trees or leave the olives to fall naturally. You have to wait a while though, the trees don't bloom for the first 4 years and harvesting only begins after 15 years!