Quickfire questions with the Kings and Queens of data

From black belts to belting tunes, what gets this team in the zone, and what do they love about their work at HR Datahub?

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One word to describe HR Datahub?

‘Exciting, definitely exciting!’*



*technically that’s 3 words but we will let you off…

What music do you listen to at work?

‘For relaxing it’s classical music, and to get pumped up it’s 60’s, 70’s and 80’s’.

‘A bit of RnB, a bit of Garage, a bit of House, maybe a bit of Reggae’.

‘Depends how much my kids are kicking off in the background and how badly I need to drown them out’. OUCH!

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What inspires you to get out of bed on a morning?

‘To really make a difference, to grow the business, to look after my colleagues and to make a difference to the companies that use us as well’.

‘I love feeling like I can wake up today and do something awesome, and directly impact the business’.

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Tell me something interesting you’ve learnt about a colleague?

‘Anyone who has the audacity to try and steal a lawnmower from David Whitfield is in for a very nasty surprise!'


‘David has a black belt in Karate, so I found that very interesting!’

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A project or a piece of work that has stood out for you?

‘About 18 months ago we did some research into the gender pay gap in terms of what actions are effective, we got 130,000 views on LinkedIn and that was really transformational for us as a business; in terms of being able to think about how we can apply a data lens to diversity and inclusion, which is super important to make sure that people are making the right decisions, but also using the right actions and energy that make a difference to their organisation'.

‘My favourite project recently was with a company called ‘Women in Defence’, they are all about making sure that women can get into Defence roles, such as the Ministry of Defence, and that they are happy and supported in those roles. I spoke to so many companies and it was really cool to go behind the curtain and see how companies who are building tanks and submarines are really trying to get women to join them, and not just to join them, but to help them thrive and belong'.

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