The Virtual Interview: Prep, PJ's and Pants

You've got an interview - awkward high five!

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After loads of applications, way too many rejections and having your patience tested to the limit, you’ve finally got an interview! Time to get your head around prepping for this. You’ve already been shortlisted from a shed load of applications to get this far so you should be feeling pretty proud of yourself.

Virtual interview prep

The chances are you won’t be going to an office for the interview so zero stress about missing the tube and turning up late. It’s more than likely you’ll be asked to join a call on Zoom or another similar video platform. A lot of the prep you should do is just the same as you’d do for a face-to-face; do your homework on the company, read the job ad and the job spec very carefully, so that you know exactly what they’re looking for. Maybe Google a few of their competitors too, if you can drop a few names it shows you have thought about who their rivals are.

Fix-up, look sharp

You should feel comfortable in what you’re wearing in the interview regardless of the role. However, it’s better to be a bit over-dressed rather then turning up in a sweater covered in spaghetti stains (unless you’re interviewing to be an Eminem lookalike). Don’t risk wearing PJ’s on your bottom half, you’ll spend the interview worrying about a camera drop capturing your Primark finest.

Testing, 1, 2, 3....

For the video call you need to consider a few extra things. Make sure you’ve installed the app properly, that it’s working correctly and that you know the basics of using it. If you can, do a test call with a friend to check the video and sound is clean.

Think about the background, it should be:

Tidy- a pile of dirty pants in the background isn’t your best look. Also, get a wash on.

Light enough – if you’re hiding in the dark like a low-budget horror movie, things will be awkward and slightly creepy.

Quiet- You don’t want to hear your mum/dad/cat screaming that dinner is ready in 10 minutes any more than the interviewer does.

Eating’s not cheating

Make sure you’ve eaten before the interview, even if it’s just a bit of toast, and keep a drink handy (not vodka, save that for afterwards). Having a sip of your drink when faced with a tricky question also buys you few more seconds to think about your response.

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