Thinking inside the box

At Wild Radish, the packaging they use is not just an afterthought, it is a crucial part of how they run their business.

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Nature has a thick skin, it doesn't need plastic.

We’re here to help you cook a great meal at home, not fill your bin with packaging. We care about getting this stuff right and so do the people we work with.

Packaging you can compost at home will always be our first choice.

We can’t use it for everything yet, but we’re working on it and we’ll use it for all our fruit and veg where we can by the end of 2021.

We say no to single use plastic.

When we do have to use plastic (for our salad leaves, for example) our bags are recyclable or can go in your compost. We keep things chilled in insulated packs made from recycled denim (sounds strange, but it works). You can return these and our ice packs with Collect +. Then we’ll then use them 20 more times.

We’re starting as we mean to go on.

We’ve got plans to swap plastic punnets for cardboard and to make sure your ingredients never arrive rattling around in a giant box.

Return your packaging

You can return insulation and ice packs from your deliveries to us for free through Collect + so we can reuse them up to 10 more times. By sending them back to us you’ll be helping us create a circular economy and reduce our environmental footprint.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Save up the insulation and ice packs from at least 3 deliveries (we can’t take any other packaging).

2. Download and print a free returns label.

3. Drop your parcel off at your local Collect+ point and they’ll send it back to us.

Chefs hate waste. So do we.

If you’re choosing the best ingredients, why would you want them to end up in the compost? We want to send you what you need – no more, no less – so everything in your box ends up on your plate. When it’s hard to give you the exact amount of an ingredient, our chefs will give you tips on how to use up anything you might have leftover. The best chefs are inventive and have a lot of ideas for using up truffle shavings or the rest of that red cabbage.

We try not to waste anything when we’re coming up with and testing our recipes too, but if we do have any great ingredients leftover, we sell our surplus produce on the ‘Too Good to Go’ app.