WTF is the metaverse!?

All you need to know about the almighty metaverse 

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Here at hundo HQ, we’ve heard the term ‘metaverse’ bounced around the office a fair few times over the past six months. And it’s only right, as we head into a business space that is well and truly within the metaverse, it makes sense that we should explain to you exactly what the hell that is! Grab your notepad, here’s exactly what you need to know…

The definition of the metaverse
Whilst there are thousands of ways you can describe the metaverse, our Technical Co-Founder Scott Bryne-Fraser puts it perfectly! He says ‘the definition of the metaverse is evolving all the time. For me, the metaverse represents a new decentralised paradigm for the web. A version of the web run and governed by its citizens. Imagine Ready Player One, with a system of connected worlds that aren't owned by one single organisation or group. 

Scott’s knowledge of the metaverse is quite frankly outstanding, and if you’re interested in what else he has to say check out our feature with him here! 

What on earth is an NFT? 
The metaverse and NFT’s are two phrases that often go hand in hand. But what exactly is an NFT, or rather Non Fungible Token? 

NFT’s are essentially, in their rawest form, anything digital that can be sold on the blockchain. From digital pieces of art to fashion. You might have seen in the headlines earlier this year that even Grime’s getting crafty by making her own NFT’s. There are a lot of predictions that some NFT’s could become collectable pieces, influencing a whole new area of digital art collection - how exciting! But yes, put simply they are anything digital that can be sold or traded on the blockchain. 

Where do I learn about NFT’s and the metaverse? 
There’s this little (well massive) platform called Discord that hosts most of the conversation surrounding the metaverse and NFT’s. You can join different channels and hop in on the discord discourse, or just sit and observe! There are also some people who have taken to Twitter and TikTok to share their findings. There’s also an amazing podcast by Cathy Hackl that we would encourage you to dive into! 

How can I get involved? 
Whilst hundo is jumping into the metaverse, and you will have to keep your eyes peeled for now to see how you can get involved with that, there really isn’t any one way in which you can ‘join the metaverse.’ You could learn how to make your own NFT to sell on the blockchain, you could create a gaming platform that exists only in VR or Cyberspace. The possibilities are endless! The metaverse is a new concept, and what makes it so exciting is that there are so many limitless directions that it could take. 

Words: Grace Goslin

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