our mission
To end global youth unemployment through web3

Why we're doing it

to Supply market demand

1 bn
1 billion
tech  roles  are
needed  by  2030

hundo campus

We are an EdTech company building the world’s first Learn-to-Earn campus for Gen Z.


hundo is the world's first on-chain, Learn-to-Earn campus for Gen Z, powered by a utility token.  

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Learn skills from creators & industry leaders

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Get rewarded with tokens & NFTs as you learn

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Let's Go!

Launch your Web3 career


What is Learn-To-Earn?

In a nutshell: an online campus where you earn incentives as you learn. In hundo's campus, it means the more assignments and courses you complete, the more you’ll be rewarded!

Where is it?

It is currently under construction. It will be a platform that’s accessible around the world via a web browser.

What is it built on?

hundo is a responsive web platform, built to work on your laptop, iOS and Android device.

Why is it built on-chain?

hundo rewards and on-chain achievements are built on Polygon. Polygon is a L2 chain that uses a system called proof of stake to validate data. Proof of stake chains use significantly less energy to validate data than proof of work blockchains such as Ethereum. 

In the future all industries will be on-chain. We are preparing for the future of work.

How are you getting rid of the CV/resume?

We’re going to replace CVs and resumes with an on-chain record of your achievements. We believe this is a future-proof, and much better, way to demo your skills to employers. On-chain achievements are validated with Chainlink networks to ensure transparency.