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Struggling to attract, retain and advance entry level talent? 
We feel you! Our solution solves this.

Say goodbye to job boards. Say hello to the Future of Hiring.

“I would recommend hundo to every employer”
Ian Nicolas, Global MD, Reed
hundo helped me every step of the way to finding my first job for a role I didn't think I would even be eligible for.”
Lenny,  20, Northampton

Hundo creds

Top 5% Innovate UK Award winner

Twice featured as “best practice” in youth employment

2020 BCG Digital Boost Social Impact Business of the Year


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75% of hundo placements come from ethnically diverse backgrounds

50% of hundo candidates come from significantly disadvantaged backgrounds

90% of hundo placements did not believe they were eligible for their role

84% are still employed 12 months later

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